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Welcome to the KOKS Group bv corporate website with direct links to the product categories and subsidiary companies. KOKS Group is specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology on behalf of the industrial and government sector. Koks is manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuum trucks, pressure trucks, air displacement units, mobile scrubbers, return air cleaner.



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De olievlek breidt zich uit #oil #industrie #azerbeidzjan link
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Breed inzetbare kolkenzuiger combi #euro6 #riool link
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Alweer de 20ste mobiele opslagcontainer voor @Reym #gevaarlijkestoffen #industrie #innovatie link

The oil stain expands
Again an EcoVac ADR Loader has been delivered to Azerbaijan. This time to a large contractor in Baku. Because the customer gathered several contracts in his own country and a number of neighboring countries, he was bursting for additional industrial cleaning equipment. Thanks to the very short delivery time, the high-quality product and the chassis independence usability of the EcoVac ADR Loader,...
Versatile sewer cleaner combi
The AQ-Rent rental fleet has been increased with a KOKS sewer cleaner combi on a Volvo euro 6 chassis with a low foot board and right-hand drive. Owing to the large high pressure pump capacity (200 bar at 100 l/min) this sewer cleaner combi is, in addition to emptying sewers and wells, also suitable for unblocking activities. Especially on behalf of cleaning more distant sewers, the truck is fitte...