Manufacturer and supplier of cleaning equipment on behalf of the industrial and government sector

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Welcome to the KOKS Group bv corporate website with direct links to the product categories and subsidiary companies. KOKS Group is specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology on behalf of the industrial and government sector. Koks is manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuum trucks, pressure trucks, air displacement units, mobile scrubbers, return air cleaner.



Twitter logo 19-01-2017 15:57
Een nieuw jaar met nieuwe uitdagingen! We zijn net gestart met ons nieuwe bedrijf "KOKS Middle East LLC" in Saudi...
Twitter logo 10-01-2017 13:24
Deze nieuwe MegaVac ADR Loader is onderweg via onze dealer naar een eindklant in Rusland. De selfsupporting...
Twitter logo 09-01-2017 16:39
Afgelope week hebben wij deze KOKS Mobiele Opslag Container met een capaciteit van 86.000 liter afgeleverd aan...

Isn’t it a beauty! Today this KOKS EcoVac sewer cleaning combi will be delivered to and at the Hofkens company in Oosterhout (The Netherlands). Equipped with a stainless steel AISI 316L grade 12 m3 pressure/vacuum tank, a 3.000 m3/h vacuum pump, a 230 bar - 325 l/min. Hammelmann high pressure pump and saddle bag tanks (total volume 4.000 l), this truck is absolutely ready for intensive ope...
Pretty good team work! Today, our very satisfied customer Waternet leaves our factory in Alkmaar with 7 brand-new trucks. These four high pressure sewer cleaning trucks and three vacuum sewer cleaning trucks have been manufactured at record speed! Extremely proud!