Manufacturer and supplier of cleaning equipment on behalf of the industrial and government sector

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Welcome to the KOKS Group bv corporate website with direct links to the product categories and subsidiary companies. KOKS Group is specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology on behalf of the industrial and government sector. Koks is manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuum trucks, pressure trucks, air displacement units, mobile scrubbers, return air cleaner.



Twitter logo 04-09-2015 16:26
Volgende week Groen Techniek Holland! KOKS staat bij Mercedes-Benz (B4.04) en presenteert nieuwe Euro 6 Unimog U423. link
Twitter logo 15-07-2015 13:57
RT @Videostory_: Mevr Video Storytelling aan het werk bij @KOKSGroup. Zo kom je nog eens ergens! #video #uitleg #leuk link
Twitter logo 24-03-2015 10:33
Niets te Dol(ly) voor asbreukwagen #rail #asbreukwagen link

Heartwarming reactions and hot weather in Abu Dhabi.
Heartwarming reactions and hot weather in Abu Dhabi. Two brand new KOKS Ecovac vacuum trucks have just been delivered to a very satisfied customer!
We proudly present our new logo!
Early 2006, a uniform corporate identity for the KOKS Group companies was introduced, intended to propagate our identity and solidarity. You know … the blue KOKS characters and red characters for the names of our subsidiaries, a yellow arrow and red arc. Now, almost 10 years later, it’s time to modernize our corporate identity and to trend up our logo, in order to further professio...