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Welcome to the KOKS Group bv corporate website with direct links to the product categories and subsidiary companies. KOKS Group is specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology on behalf of the industrial and government sector. Koks is manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuum trucks, pressure trucks, air displacement units, mobile scrubbers, return air cleaner.



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Spacious MegaVac
The KOKS MegaVac 8000 ADR for Reym Rotterdam is built according to our new way of construction. Due to this, more storage room is available and the truck offers space for an additional high pressure kit. This MegaVac air displacement unit is fitted on a euro 6 chassis, is SIR and ADR approved, high tipping and provided with quickly exchangeable rear door covers.
New setting
Reym Rotterdam placed a purchase order for a 30 m3 KOKS trailer on behalf of sucking and transporting hazardous liquids. The entire vacuum system of this combination is mounted on the truck. By placing the vacuum pump (3.000 m3/h), clean and service water tank on the truck, as much a possible loading capacity remains available on the trailer.