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Welcome to the KOKS Group bv corporate website with direct links to the product categories and subsidiary companies. KOKS Group is specialist in cleaning and vehicle technology on behalf of the industrial and government sector. Koks is manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning equipment, such as vacuum trucks, pressure trucks, air displacement units, mobile scrubbers, return air cleaner.



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Nieuwe opstelling zorgt voor veel laadvermogen #industrie #gevaarlijkestoffen link
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@InfraTech met live demonstraties in en om een put worden de div. hogedruk- en vacuümtechnieken gedemonstreerd door ROM bv

New setting
Reym Rotterdam placed a purchase order for a 30 m3 KOKS trailer on behalf of sucking and transporting hazardous liquids. The entire vacuum system of this combination is mounted on the truck. By placing the vacuum pump (3.000 m3/h), clean and service water tank on the truck, as much a possible loading capacity remains available on the trailer.
1 + 1 = 172 m3 storage capacity
The second mobile storage container for EID has been delivered. Owing to its large volume (86 m3), this KOKS Tainer is the most efficient and safe solution for short-term or long-term storage of liquids. Ideal to be used during calamities and cleaning and maintenance projects in refineries, (petro)chemical plants and power stations.